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Consultancy in legislation

As our interdisciplinary network of professionals represents several fields of science and specialties, Foresee wants to take an active part in legislation relevant to our work. With their valuable practical experience, our professionals can assist the legislative work of educational policy, children and youth protection, minority protection, conflict resolution, crime prevention, and victim support.

2018. 05. 14

Foresee Research Group is providing training and research services in 2017-2018 for the Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention that leads and coordinates a project financed by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union.


The „Prevention of radicalization in the prison-system” is a 13-month initiative of the Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention in collaboration with...

2017. 06. 01

The Foresee Research Group and our researcher, Dóra Szegő also took part in the project of the Helsinki Committee aiming at facilitating the communication and coordination between legal practitioners and building and strengthening the capacity of stakeholders on the international and EU standards on the rights to access to a lawyer and legal aid of suspects and accused in criminal proceedings.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee is a partner in the international project “Strengthening procedural rights in criminal proceedings: effective implementation of the right to a lawyer/legal aid under...

2006. 12. 13

Central and Eastern European coutries often present legislation drafts to the Council of Europe in order to have its professional opinion, approval and help in creating an efficiently operable victim support system adaptive to European practice of law.

Dr. Borbála Fellegi, manager of Foresee Research Group has made several professional reports on such presented legislation drafts as an independent expert requested by the Council of Europe. Beyond the detailed analysis of the texts the necessary legal framework for victim support, continuous...